Author Irvine Welsh on gobby Irish psychos


Author Irvine Welsh on gobby Irish psychos
Trainspotting creator talks travellers, government and selling out

It’s weird, they don’t swear, they don’t drink, they don’t dress up at weddings

The author of cult book Trainspotting has said that the Irish “specialise in gobby psychopaths” and that Irish travellers are far more interesting to their American counterparts.

Speaking in the latest issue of Hot Press Magazine, out today, Scottish author Irvine Welsh said: “Americans don’t know how to f**king swear. It’s amazing. In Ireland, Scotland and England, we specialise in gobby psychopaths. Whereas in America, it’s always quiet psychopaths.”

He says some people don’t understand his characters because American travellers are “boring” compared to their Irish equivalent adding: “It’s weird, they don’t swear, they don’t drink, they don’t dress up at weddings, and they don’t have bare knuckle fights. All the things that make Travellers interesting, they don’t do.”

The writer of the hugely popular book, which was transformed into a successful film starring Ewan McGregor, also gives his opinion on the global crisis and how governments are tackling it.

“The whole idea of having a state and a government was actually to protect individuals and society from all these really rich b**tards f**king you over. And now the really rich b**tards f**king you over are the government.” He reveals he never expected his book to sell so well, believing maybe a thousand copies would be picked up from shelves and everyone would think he was cool. Instead he says when he reached 100,000 in sales everyone accused him of selling them out.

But having no reaction at all would have been worse, saying you want to attract as much praise and as much vitriol as possible when penning a book. With drugs playing a major role in his work he explains how whole communities, for generations, are using drugs to hide.

“They’re medicated against any kind of resistance or any kind of self-improvement or any kind of life change, just to maintain the status quo. The horrible thing is in this kind of consumer capitalist world, we just consume more of everything - whether it’s drugs or shoes or jackets or coats or drink or boots.”

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