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Best of the Web
Each Friday in The Scene in the Irish Daily Star, we round up the best the web has to offer. Here's this week's round-up...

Our aim is simply to provide great deals for the public with an open refunds policy

Bad 'Book Ups
In a futile effort to get people using Facebook email more, the web giant this week altered everyone’s profiles so the associated Facebook email address became the default.

However, there are millions of Facebook users who don’t use email to communicate at all — they only have an email address to enable them to sign up to things online.

But for those that still value email, Lifehacker can show you how to change back your Facebook settings at
Thankfully it’s a fairly simple process that only takes a minute. Meanwhile, Facebook this week promised to address complaints it was responsible for wiping email contacts from some users’ mobile phone address books and replacing them with listings.

The social network blamed the deletion of users’ contacts on a software bug. Facebook said it was fixing the issue, promising that it “will be resolved soon”. The company was unable to confirm the scale of the problem, but reports claimed users who had activated Facebook Contact Sync on Blackberry and Android phones had been affected.

The social network linked the issue to a problem with a tool designed to ensure that when its members amended their contact details, the changes would be made to their Facebook friends’ smartphone address books. The software was designed to copy over its users’ “primary email addresses” — the ones they used to log into the social network. Facebook has acknowledged that “for people on certain devices, a bug meant that the device was pulling the last email address added to the account rather than the primary address, resulting in addresses being pulled”.

No site problems
Here’s a great free service for anyone looking to start up their own website with ease. Sign up at Site44 and you’ll get a folder inside the file-sharing and backup service Dropbox (and therefore on your computer) which automatically becomes a webserver. Any files you put in that folder will then be available on the web. Edit your HTML locally (in Dropbox) and your website is always up-to-date.

A €5-star deal
New Irish-owned discounts and deals website is giving €5 credit to everyone who registers online and another €5 for every pal you persuade to sign up. “Our aim is simply to provide great deals for the public with an open refunds policy and a transparent payment process for business partners,” the owners state on the website. You can also log in through your Facebook account.

Twit's all change
Messages on Twitter are famously limited to just 140 characters as it was built that way to work via texts. But tweets are increasingly sent over the net, not phones, so there are opportunities to change things. Twitter now lets some advertisers create Expanded Tweets that open to reveal more content, such as part of a news article and a link to the rest. The move is one of many changes that Twitter hopes will turn its millions of users into revenue streams.

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