Are these really Half Life 3 achievements?


Are these really Half Life 3 achievements?
If the rumour mill is to be believed, we may only be days away from the official confirmation that Half Life 3 is on the way. Last week we told you about the member of Valve spotted wearing a rather swanky Half Life 3 t-shirt, and this week an alleged screen grab of alleged achievements has surfaced.

The image, posted by a user over at, shows five of the apparent 42 achievements available in the game, but whether or not it's actually real is another story entirely. The URL for the shows an error which reads "Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: No stats are available at this time," but we know that means very little, espcially if Steam staff noticed it had been accessed externally and pulled it.

It's better than nothing and, if nothing else, it's creating a hell of a lot of buzz right now. That said, if the VGAs come and go without confirmation of the game we'll be sad bunnies this Christmas.

Are these really Half Life 3 achievements? on
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