Are Zynga to Develop for Xbox 360?


Are Zynga to Develop for Xbox 360?
Speculation suggesting this may be the case
While it may be nopthing but idle speculation on the part of the gaming media, many reports are now claiming that casual gaming giants Zynga may be working on titles for Microsoft's Xbox 360. It would certainly be quite a departure to make the move from Facebook to fully fledged console, but it's perhaps the next logical step for the browser based gaming heavyweight. The latest bout of speculation comes from a recent interview with company CEO Mark Pincus gigaom.comwhere he says the following:

"Right now we are building back-end technology, so that your game state can be saved and served up in difference screens/devices. The interaction cues will take from the different devices. In other words, you can play a game on a computer and call it up on Xbox and you resume from the point you left off, except the game play will now be customized for the Xbox controller."

Idle speculation indeed. Despite the fact that he outright mentions the Xbox 360, there's not really anything here to suggest that the company is actively working on Xbox games, despite what some would like to think... although by the same note there's also nothing to suggest that they're not, we suppose.

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