BattleLand: Warrior vs Monster Now Available


BattleLand: Warrior vs Monster Now Available
The battle to save mankind has begun as BattleLand: Warrior vs. Monster has launched in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free. Delivering hundreds of hours of exciting game play in single player mode, and unlimited play fighting real players from around the world, BattleLand: Warrior vs. Monster HD ushers in a new era for adventure/battle RPGs. The game can be downloaded right here.

BattleLand: Warrior vs. Monster starts with players choosing their warrior from an extensive variety of options including seven classes, 14 roles, 40 skills and over 500 pieces of equipment. This ability to customize your characters allows players to decide on unique strategies and tactics to help defeat their enemies. Even with the thousands of strategies available, none are invincible, so players need to be wise with their choices, or face defeat.

The ability to challenge players from around the world in the game’s “Arena” provides non-stop battles as players vie to see who is the best warrior in the land. With 36 trail maps and hundreds of monsters, the game provides an amazing array of battles that will satisfy even the most seasoned warriors. In addition, the game features “board game” elements that keep players engaged through a variety of activities and challenges.

“BattleLand: Warrior vs. Monster HD raises the bar for games in the train/trade/battle genre, as its unique gameplay, combined with cutting edge animations, will make it the choice for gamers around the world,” said Liang Hong, Head of iOS Development for KongZhong Corporation, developer of the game. “Once players enter the Arena and challenge real players, they will experience the future of battle games today, directly on their iOS device.”

As players progress through the game, they will test different strategies, to determine how to win their battles. Each type of strategy delivers a different experience, so players are encouraged to change their character during the game and determine the best path to victory. In addition, the game’s “Mercenary Market” allows players to purchase upgrades for their characters, including powerful weapons and skills. The Market features thousands of options, so players can customize their characters to match their strategies for battle.

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