Bloodborne – Making Masochism Accessible For The Masses


Bloodborne – Making Masochism Accessible For The Masses

There’s no blocking in Bloodborne, the Next Gen Exclusive from the team that tormented you with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. There are no shields to hide behind.

Instead the onus is on you, to attack, to fight, to hack away at flesh with meaty cleavers, to strip away bone with shotgun blasts, to dodge aside, assemble your gargantuan scythe in a flash of blades and limbs and literally reap what you would sow!

Bloodborne distinguishes itself from its deeply measured and tactical predecessors by upping the pace. But this is From Software we’re dealing with here, and they don’t do anything just for the hell of it. To compensate for the increased pace, a new health regain mechanic has been implemented. Basically you can earn back any HP lost provided you answer enemy strikes with your own, within a certain time limit. This, naturally, will keep players on the offensive.

The fact it may incentivise some over-eager players to mistime, over-reach and leave themselves open to successive pummelling is but a happy coincidence.

Bloodborne is sporting an Urban Gothic aesthetic as opposed to the high fantasy trappings of the Souls series. This could provide a nice pallet cleansing, though From’s deeply nutritional (read. Heartbraking) core survival mechanics remain intact.I initially had my reservations, but as of Gamescom 2014, BRING ON THE BLOODBORNE!

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