Changing RTS with Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames


Changing RTS with Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames
Spawning and attacking leads to a new take on RTS games!

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames is a real-time strategy game in which you play the commander of one of the armies of Hendrika. Your job is to protect your nation, prepare your troops and make the hard choices. In order to do it, you will be able to configure your army in the way that best fits your own play style. Shadow Heroes will offer a fully integrated single-player and multiplayer experience where your choices will make a difference. Your decisions will alter the world of Hendrika and the fate of its fledgling nations. But this is not all. Allied Games wants to tailor Shadow Heroes’ development to what players see as essential in the next generation of RTS games. Check out the Kickstarter page for Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flamesor watch the trailer below.

Changing RTS with Shadow Heroes: Vengeance in Flames on
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