Crytek to Vigils rescue


  • Crytek to Vigils rescue
  • Crytek to Vigils rescue

Crytek sets up their new studio in America. . . . and they bring along some guys from Vigil too.
Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series, have issued a press release announcing
the developer’s first American studio, which will be situated in Austin, Texas. Crytek
are a company that have grown very quickly in the gaming world, riding on the back
of successful games like Crysis 2 released on the 25 of March 2011. (To see our
review ofCrysis 2 click here)

This is Crytek's ninth worldwide studio since they were founded in 1999 and it is
their newest studio to date, just after Crytek opened a studio in Istanbul on the 17
of January. The studio, Crytek USA corp, has just been announced but already it has
people talking about the news.
Here’s why...

After the bankruptcy of THQ, when the selling of assets had begun, Crytek
purchased the Homefront series from the developers for $500,000. Crytek is also in
development of Homefront 2. One of the studios belonging to THQ which was not
purchased was Vigil studios, the maker of Darksiders. What does this mean for the
series? Who knows?!

However it was confirmed that industry veteran and co-founder of Vigil studios
David Adams will be the CEO of Crytek's first American studio. Also there is said to
be 35 other experienced developers situated the new studio. Whether or not these
include any other Vigil staff is unknown for now.

When talking about his role as CEO of Crytek USA Corp, David Adams said "Im
thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the
brightest development talent in the industry, the studio's launch represents Crytek's
commitment to delivering diverse and high quality content to players everywhere".

So with the developers expanding their company we look forward too see what
they produce in the future. With Crysis 3 almost out (due to be released the 19th of
February in America and the 21st everywhere else) are you excited? Because I am!
And if you're not, why not check out our preview of it here

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