Dead Space 3 to release in February


Dead Space 3 to release in February
If the thoughts of another round of chilling Dead Space action aren't off putting, then mark the week of February 5th in your diary as Dead Space 3 launches in Europe and North America.
Continuing the story of Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 3 is the latest in the slow-burning space horror franchise that has earned rave reviews for the first two entries in the series. Visceral Games are at the helm once again and they revealed some further info on the title at Gamescom today.

Weapon crafting will be a part of Dead Space 3 with players able to blend together existing guns if they are caught in a pinch. Expect ammo to be thin on the ground once again as players are forced to use their wits to survive.

We'll have further info on Dead Space 3 here on Click Online as we get it!

Dead Space 3 to release in February on
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