Different character classes coming to Halo 4 online


Different character classes coming to Halo 4 online
Big changes are coming to the way Halo 4's online multiplayer will work with the creation of specialisations players can take on, radically altering how their character performs.
In previous titles, all players used the same basic character. However, 343 Studios have doffed their cap towards Call of Duty's perks system by allowing players to pick a type of character they'd like to play as, once they've reached level 50 as a Spartan.

Each specialisation comes with unique armour, emblems, weapon skins, mods and visor colours. Two of the specialisations will be available to players out of the box - Wetwork and Pioneer - with the remaining six available to people who purchase the Halo 4 Limited Edition. Specialisations will be released as downloads over Xbox Live following the release of the game.

Here's a list of the different specialisations and what they do:

Wetwork - A stealth class that can move quickly and silently.

Pioneer - Its Fast Track armour mod allows Pioneers to gain more exp from each encounter and level up quicker.

Engineer - Its Drop Recon armour mod lets players know the location and time of ordinance drops via an external suborbital monitoring system.

Tracker - Built for long-range targeting, the Tracker's requisition armour mod allows users to recall their ordnance requests for a chance to receive better weapon drops.

Rogue - Its armour mod allows greater aiming stability when in combat.

Stalker - Its Nemesis armour mod will keep track of all enemies that have attacked or killed you, making their locations known.

Pathfinder - Decreases the time of weapon overheat when sitting in a vehicle's gunner seat and increases Spartan speed while carrying a detached turret.

Operator - The Wheelman armour mod can get extra stamina and durability out of any vehicle they're piloting.

Details have also emerged of the "War Game Map Pass" which comes bundled with the Limited Edition, or will be sold separately for 2000 Microsoft Points. This pass contains nine multiplayer maps as well as customisation extras.

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