El Presidente to return in new Tropico adventure


El Presidente to return in new Tropico adventure
Cult strategy hit Tropico is set to receive another sequel once developer Haemimont Games wraps up their obligations on current title Omertà.
Tropico presents a bit of a different riff on the classic construction and management sim with players taking on the role of "El Presidente" a dictator ruling over a Caribbean banana republic. The game has been successful enough to spawn a number of sequels, but Haemimont won't be resting on their laurels this time out, and they will be tearing the formula apart and starting afresh according to chief exec Gabriel Dobrov.

"We've already started on Tropico. This time we're wiping the whole game clean and building it from the ground up. We're starting with a clean design this time and all the graphics will be new.

No details have been released regarding when the game will take place, but Dubrov has commented that the game will be "larger in scope" than anything they have attempted before.

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