Facebook reveals top 10 games of 2011


Facebook reveals top 10 games of 2011
What virtual items have you been posting around?
Gardens of Time from Playdom was the most popular game on Facebook according to the social network. EA’s The Sims Social was second most popular with Zynga’s CityVille coming in third. The list was put together based on user satisfaction. This involved using user ratings against the number of monthly active players.

Facebook also announced that gamers tend to play more than three different titles each month. In addition, the average player used games on more than half the days they visited the site. Considering the reach and amount of time spent of Facebook, this is an impressive achievement.

Top 10 Facebook games:
Gardens of Time
The Sims Social
DoubleDown Casino
Indiana Jones Adventure World
Words With Friends
Bingo Blitz
Empires & Allies
Slotomania-Slot Machines
Diamond Dash

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