First Look at Current Gen Watch Dogs?


First Look at Current Gen Watch Dogs?
Truth be told, I’ve not got the best eye for this kind of stuff. I can tell the difference between 60hz and 30hz easily enough (and I’m of the impression sixty frames every second should be the Next Gen ideal, NOT pixel count). But 720p? 900p? 1080p? Those kind of graphical details, lighting, shadowing, fabric etc. – I need to be told they’re there.

And if I need to be explicitly told how important this is, arguably, it aint important at all. 60fps IS a big deal however. It’s immediately obvious. It enhances response time, reduces latency and as a result, optimises immersion.

But I digress.

This latest Watch Dogs trailer, showcasing the 60 minutes exclusive gameplay, unique attire and limited perk for PlayStation users looks like current gen (PS3) footage. And despite this, I still think it looks awesome!

Yeah, some of the finer details may not be present. But if the gameplay is as action packed as this, nipping through traffic on motorbikes, skimming past barricades, tackling foes to the ground, shooting grenades mid-air, then it could look like a sack of crap and I’d still be happy.

I only worry that Ubi Montreal’s systemic world of ctOS Chicago WORKS better on the Next Gen, all that GDDR8 RAM working overtime to make a more connected environment. If that’s the case, I’d consider going next-gen. If not though, if the only difference is graphical, then I’m sticking with old Betsy!

Betsy is the name of my PS3.

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