Games of September 2011


Games of September 2011
UnreCOGnizably Packed
I’m sorry. There’s simply far too many quality titles available this month to sit there listening to me yammer on. With racing sims, political strategy, Z-RPGs and an ‘under the radar’ release in the form of Gears of War 3, you can look forward to 30 days living off cheese and crackers.

Title: Tropico 4
Developer: Haemimont Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Released: September 1st

Never say there’s no love for the PC gamer at Clickonline. This September, customize your ‘El Presidente’ as you set about establishing the Banana Republic as a bastion of prosperity in this immensely popular construction/management title.

With added features such as import monitoring, a council of advisory ministers, fracturing political groups and pesky natural disasters to kip a lid on, Tropico 4 aims to test your socio-political savvy as much as your funny bone.

Title: Dead Island
Developer: TechLand
Publisher: Deep Silver
Released: September 9th

Admittedly early review scores have been less than beaming, however the premise of Dead Island is truly uncharted waters. A zombie RPG? Surely not since Sean of the Dead have genres been so shamelessly spliced.

But it makes sense. Though the Dead Rising series made an excellent attempt at the genre, the levelling up, multi task, weapon building and dialogue options, all tenants of an RPG, seem more pronounced here. And if the thought of that bothers you, there’s always the scantily clad undead masses to brain once you get bored.

I’m not saying Dead Island will be ‘sever your head or destroy your brain’ good. I’m just saying it’s worth a look. Also, it had this delightful concept trailer...

Title: F1 2011
Developer: Codemasters Birmingham
Publisher: Codemasters
Released: September 23rd

An unlikely addition to the list, F1 2011 gets a buy on the merits of last year’s blistering entry. Lauded for its realism, its attention to detail and the fact it was really, really fast, F1 2010 is a hard act to overtake.

Codemasters are currently vying for your purse strings with Bodycount, however I reckon F1 2011 might have the edge. All 12 teams and 24 drivers which started the season will feature in the game, while this time round the multiplayer component is being emphasised. 16 players can compete in races, with the option to increase numbers by an additional eight bots. Details such as red flags, safety cars and rules changes will be added to further rev the experience.

If F1 2011 can live up to its heritage, there may be another BAFTA in it for Codemasters.

Title: Resistance 3
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Released: September 9th

Without doubt, Resistance: Fall of Man was the Playstaton 3’s standout launch title. It garnered commercial and critical success. It received a universally acclaimed, blockbuster sequel. And now it’s getting another.

The first in this alternate universe wartime series to offer PS Move Support, 3D (should your tellybox be up to the challenge) and the PS Pass programme, this Sony exclusive features enough style and flair to capture a solid and loyal fan base a full week before Microsoft’s Exclusive makes gibbering nutters of us all.

Set in the nihilistic world of alien-ravaged 1950’s America, you and a band of dishevelled survivors struggle to keep one another alive. Though, in fairness, with all the high tech weaponry lying about, it shouldn’t be that difficult an enterprise.

Resistance 3 has had a much publicized road leading up to its release, with viral ad campaigns on the 2009 set of Battle LA, a multiplayer beta featuring Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction, and a pair of game demos.
You’ll get to find out what all the fuss is about at the end of the week. But one thing’s for sure, those Chimera aren’t going to shoot themselves!

Title: Gears of War 3
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Released: September 20th

What is there to say about Gears 3? You’re either pumped, or you’re asleep. There’s no middle ground.

Yes, it’s another shooter in an industry choking on shooters. Yes, despite what anyone might tell you, the core focus is its online functionality. And yes, there is but one way to resolve conflicts on the battle savaged wastelands of Sera.
But you know as well as I do, this one is special.

And not just because Bender is in it! (John DiMaggio, voice of Marcus Phoenix)

This third instalment of the series which curb-stomped cover-to-cover shooting onto the map is bursting at the wrought iron seams with guns, guts, explosions, but most importantly, content.

Featuring a deliriously enhanced, tower defence Horde Mode, an opportunity to play as the Locust themselves in Beast Mode, a 4 Player Co-Op campaign and an online experience to rival giants such as Halo and COD, Gears 3 will be the furthest thing from a low key release. (I was being whimsical, earlier.)

The conclusion to Epic’s signature series, understandably they want it to go out with a bang. As such, its launch will be nothing short of a global event. On September 20th, servers the world over will be crammed with the sights of blood and mulch, and the sounds of countless gamers giggling gleefully as the carnage unfolds.

And if you’re still not sold, look at it this way... Nothing that invented the chainsaw-gun can be all bad!

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