Games to catch up on this July


Games to catch up on this July
Because there are no Top Games of July 2013
Well this is embarrassing. Even in the driest months, I’ve managed to wrangle up at least one solitary delight. Perhaps, I’d have managed that if Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s about Time wasn’t delayed like 30 seconds ago! Likewise, the TBA attached to Sir, You Are Being Hunted doesn’t necessarily equate to a July Release....
And so, in light of the driest month in memory, we’re chippin’ away at...

Daniel is playing... Sleeping Dogs

While Daniel has yet to be blown away by Sleeping Dogs, truthfully, it’s a slow burner. United Front gradually open up assorted mechanics and options, and suddenly, as if by some wushu magic, you’re playing in the most addictively gratifying sandbox on the market.

Sleeping Dogs can’t match GTA for production, Red Dead for authenticity or even Saints Row for madcap, batshit insanity. But in terms of raw gameplay? Woof!

Stephen is playing... Hitman: Absolution

Sadly we never reviewed Absolution, (maybe Stephen’s feeling generous...) lost in the gory haze of our rat plagued, far cried November 2012. And though series die-hards bemoaned a loss of 47’s original freedoms, Absolution doubtless offers patient, visceral and occasionally high octane thrills for the sadistically minded.

Plus you can totally get a surgical robot to whale on some guy!

Jack is playing... Skyrim: Dragonborn

Skyrim was rightly hammered for the clunky gameplay, derivative cast and legion of glitches that plagued its release. But it’s worth remembering, despite all that, Skyrim remains the yardstick against which an entire genre is measured.

Dragonborn (mirroring Oblivion’s Shivering Isles) is Skyrim’s second, final and greatest expansion, lumping on a massive new location, fresh weapons, original spells, unique shouts, novel perks and a solid 50 hours of immersive gaming onto an already mastodonic title.

Worth your time, if you have a solid week of it to spare...

Mark is playing... Tomb Raider

Even in the face of Bioshock’s metaphysical mind bending finale and The Last of Us’ polished, emotionally manipulative script, Crystal Dynamics long brewing Tomb Raider reboot blows them both out of the water. Let’s see if Mark agrees...

Essentially this year’s Uncharted, Lara grafts on some welcome puzzle-filled exploration, character development, and role playing progression onto one of the most satisfying cover-shooters of the age. And she actually raids some tombs to boot.
Currently locked in a heated battle with Platinum’s Revengeance for my GOTY...

Glenn is playing... Candy Crush

Like pretty much everyone else with access to a phone, tablet or personal computer!

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