Goodbye Playstation Network


Goodbye Playstation Network
Hello Sony Entertainment Network
That’s right suckas, come February 7th (TOMORROW, in layman’s terms) our beloved PSN is no more.

By way of a Terms of Service, User Agreement and Privacy Policy update, it will be replaced, now and forever, by a network absolutely identical* to the current model, but with a jazzy new title: the Sony Entertainment Network.

*Yes, I could have simply stated the PSN is undergoing a simple name-change, but what is life without the flair of drama?

According to Eurogamer, a spokesperson from Sony explained that renaming our beloved FREE online network (ahem, Xbox Live, ahem) will make it "clearer and easier" for users to relate the service, inside their brains, with "all Sony products", reducing confusion and log-ins.

Now I know, as gamers, it is our god-given right to bitch and moan. But apart from remembering to type SEN and not PSN, the disruption is fairly minimal.

"The rebranding of PlayStation Network accounts to Sony Entertainment Network accounts is a change in name only...Your username or password will not change, nor are we asking you to change them.”

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