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  • GTA V Review Round-Up
  • GTA V Review Round-Up
  • GTA V Review Round-Up


Grand Theft Auto V lands tomorrow, Tuesday September 17th 2013.

Rockstar Games final current generation offering.

Their magnum opus, if you will. (And even if you won’t!)

And though you’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to hear the very last word, via Clickonline, (naturally) we’re happy to collect all the GTAV reviews from around the web in one place for your continued convenience.

Hint: The place in question is directly below...

Eurogamer – 9/10

Cast not without their issues...

“The problem is that Trevor is an asshole. When you first meet him, he does something so unpleasant that you wonder how you're ever going to empathise with him, and before long you're rotating an analogue stick so he can pull a tooth out of someone's jaw with a pair of pliers. These are serious and intense moments, but Trevor is too shallow and unconvincing to justify them, and instead his antics derail the narrative. He's such a distraction to Michael that his family become a footnote rather than a subplot, while Franklin is almost completely forgotten until a bit of last-minute catch-up near the end of the game.“

IGN – 10

No shortage of the spectacular...

“[A] mid-game mission in which I flew a plane into another plane, fought the crew, hijacked the thing, and then parachuted out and watched it crash into the sea to escape death at the hands of incoming military fighter jets.”

Kotaku YES

Open world doesn’t necessarily mean empty world...

“Blaine County stretches as far as the eye can see, a world of possibilities. You can go to all those places you can see. You can do stuff there, probably cause some mayhem or go on a mission or just explore. It'll look good when you get there, too.”

CVG – 10

On improvements to previously lacklustre gameplay...

“Combat is better, with a snappy cover system. Cars and weapons can be customised. You can give the characters haircuts and beards... Franklin's dog can be trained and taken on missions.”

Polygon – 9.5

But maybe that cast aint without its charm...

“Little touches like this, little moments that reveal lots of character, helped me empathize with characters who are, overall, psychotic criminals. We see, if only for a few seconds, what they do in their off time. Killers, they're just like us! They eat ice cream, too!”

Gamespot - 9.0

Open world be damned, those missions are not to be missed...

“Thankfully, the missions are frequently incredible, which makes it a bit easier to overlook the occasional contradictions in character behavior, if not the mixed political messages.”

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