Interview – Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes


Interview – Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes
An MMO that cuts straight to the good stuff!
Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of splitting Orc skull in the refreshingly direct PVP MMO Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. After twenty frantic minutes of spell-casting, healing, hacking and stomping, (with not a single one wasted on looting, chatting, grinding or backtracking) I stole aside Bioware’s Carrie Gouskos for a few quick words...

Click: So is this an MMO with just the combat? Is that a fair assessment?

CG: So it IS an MMO ok, and see a lot of people like the PVP aspect. But PVP is usually diluted, you gotta grind, gotta get a certain amount of money and converse and...

Click: and walk?!

CG: Oh yeah! And you gotta walk!
See we do have all that, but some people reckon they don’t have the time, money and they can’t afford that level of effort, so we were like ‘how do we bring that experience from BEHIND the curtain, to out in front of it?!”

Click: And....

CG: So one of the thing we did was to have it as a quick download. It’s under a Gig. And the style of play, the play sessions are very much jump in jump out, and we have a good selection of hero archetypes.

And from there we just keep adding heroes! So we’re going to be adding more and more, but it’s also you can sit around and have a lot of fun just being the ogre, or the vampire, and just things that people haven’t gotten to play before... but then you might get tired, and try a completely different class.

Click: So you can have multiple characters on the go?

CG: Absolutely! And we like to keep things fun in Warhammer; make it fast, make it wild, make it silly make it fun!

Click: So are there levelling systems.

CG: Well, yeah... With the new levelling system, as you battle you earn points, and with these points you can chuck them into the Master Tree.

Now with the Master Tree you can open up various possibilities that can buff a specific character, or ones you can swap out with other classes or characters, like power up so, for example, when you get a certain kill streak, like 15 or something, you’ll have a certain power, like the ability to turn into a giant rant monster and kill everything!

And a lot of the time, when these Master Tree skills unlock for one character, they’re applicable for all the characters. So there is a lot of mixing and matching of play styles.

But we ultimately think it’s a pretty straight forward style so that if you pick it up for the first time and play, it won’t necessarily be AMAZING. But two or three matches from now, these guys (points to an assortment of enthralled journos) will be masters and kicking all types of butt.

Click: Excellent.

CG: So we just wanted that PVP excitement come to you a lot quicker than it normally would.

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is free to play and available to download now!

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