January's Finest


January's Finest
Would you like sequels with that?

Go out and buy fresh pants in the sales. You’ll need them.

Christmas has been and gone and we’ve all gotten stuck into another year, half heartedly promising to get to the gym more, while we crossed fingers behind our back. Considering the typical December gaming slump, we’ve no doubt eaten away our boredom with assorted deliciousness over the holidays. Well quit that fretting, because here are some sure fire ways to burn off those extra pounds: Sitting on our couches playing videogames, of course! Here’s our pick of 5 titles to keep you decidedly out of shape this January… TWO WORLDS 2 (PC, Xbox360, PS3) Unfortunate title, we noticed. However considering Skyrim is 11 months away and even Dragon Age 2 won’t imploding out brains with majesty until March, fantasy fans are in desperate need of something to sink their crooked fangs into. The original Two Worlds hardly met with universal acclaim however it managed to warrant a sequel, and early reports indicate most of the major issues have been resolved. And if nothing else, it has ugly Orcs smiting dudes with nasty looking awes. That’s got to count for something, even in this day and age. DC UNIVERSE ONLINE (PC, PS3) When first I heard a DC game was receiving high production values and the skills of vaunted comic illustrator Jim Lee, my face was happy. Then I finished reading the title. It was an MMO. My face was sad. Now as the game approaches, following a CG trailer as spectacular as it was pointless, I find myself in two minds about this ambitious title. Like Two-Face. We could all do without another subscription fee, and the fact that you can’t play as Supes or The Bat still stings. However the ambitious combat, detailed environs and highly populated universe sounds promising. With Green Lantern, Zach Snyder’s Superman and a third Batman film from Chris Nolan on their way, the DCU is currently on people’s minds. Whether or not it’s worth the money, and the time-sink is still up to you though. W.W.W.W.D.? (What Would Wonder Woman Do?) DEAD SPACE 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) Bit of a no-brainer this one (pun intended!) In 2008, EA and Visceral Games released a game of near perfect mechanics, imaginative weaponry, crisp visuals and a slow burning, immersive plot. It was also one of the most terrifying gaming experiences ever crafted. Most have the urine soaked boxers to prove it. With the promise of a longer campaign, inventive multiplayer and new, exciting ways to dismember pesky necromorphs, this sequel could cement ‘Dead Space’ as gaming’s definitive horror franchise. Go out and buy fresh pants in the sales. You’ll need them. MASS EFFECT 2 (PS3) A hell of a month for Sony’s behemoth, this second instalment in Bioware’s Science Fiction Epic is hitting the PS3 a year late. But to make up for it’s tardiness, it comes packaged with a Mass Effect ‘catch-up’ virtual comic by Dark Horse, in excess of €100 worth of ME2 DLC, and allegedly Mass Effect 3’s graphics engine. And let’s not forget thanks to the wonders of Blu Ray’s vaunted trunk space it all fits on one disc. This will see gamers busy for months. This will see gamers happy for months. LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 (PS3) How could you not be excited about this one? Well, you could not own a PS3. Alternatively, you could not own a soul. Otherwise the prospect of Media Molecule’s expansive sequel should have you frothing at the mouth like a rabid sackboy. The main draw here is the simplified yet seriously expanded level creation suite, which allows budding developers the world over to make the type of game they want. Mercifully touted as easier to use, gamers should finally find themselves ‘under the hood’ making not just Platform but FPS, RPG, RTS, Racing, Puzzle, Isometric and Flight-Sim games. Finally, an outlet for creativity… Dead Sack 2. Sack Effect 2. DC Sackiverse Online. Two Sacks 2. Don’t act like you could resist!

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