Jellyflug for iOS Out This June


Jellyflug for iOS Out This June
New title from Northern Irish developers Troll Inc.

Worried about germs in your home?

Well prepare to see them in a whole new light! Welcome to the micro world of Jellyflug. Play as Grash the microbe as he explores the immense landscapes of kitchen sinks, floors, cutting boards from a completely new perspective; through the eyes of a bacterium.

Grash has been abruptly taken from his home in the bathroom by a boorish household pet. Needless to say this is a predicament for him, for you must now help him make his way through vast dangers of the human household and even the human body to return to his colony.

While on this frightful trip you have your own micro battalion of what are called Grash minors; these brave minors will fend off the enemy bacteria and clear obstacles. To defeat enemy bacteria you must do what all great leaders; fire your brave spawn at them until they die, while ensuring you remain unharmed. What a hero!

In Jellyflug everyday human actions create your world. Sail through rivers of soapy water left by humans; defend yourself from masses of other microbes out to devour you and team up with friendly microbes to overcome the obstacles as you confront the dangers of the human household.

Many obstacles wait along the way; from oceans of bleach to soapy bubbles and pits of acid. Collect items to learn more about the bacterial world and figure out enemies’ weaknesses.

Grash will meet all kinds of microbes from virus to bacteria to even enormous protozoa, so be sure you use your wits. Explore 15 massive levels full of puzzles, battles and surprises to in your journey home in this Platforming adventure.

Jellyflug will release in June 2012 availablefrom the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or at

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