Let's not be so harsh on the Xbox One


Let's not be so harsh on the Xbox One
Glimpses of hope?
There’s a decent amount of doom and gloom shadowing all things Xbox One related, but is it really all that bad? Microsoft has put out an impressive slate of exclusive titles and IPs, plus there are particular benefits that only the Xbox One can offer, such as:

Day One Achievement
Who doesn’t love achievements and lording menial things that they’ve done over other gamers? Well now you can take that a step further by getting achievements for real life accomplishments. Microsoft is helping us become better people really. Buy the Xbox One and Day One and your Gamertag will forever be adorned by the badge that you did so. When the Xbox One goes on to sell millions, you can sit smugly atop your throne, safe in the knowledge that you’re better than other people.

Kinect 2.0
Yes, the Xbox One is $100 or 100 more expensive than the PlayStation 4, but you get Kinect 2.0. Now, many developers didn’t crack how to implement the Kinect into their Xbox 360 games, but they’ll have more time and some prior knowledge to help them get it right this time. Kinect 2.0 will make it easier to turn your console on without moving a muscle, be more accurate and tracks more joints and subtle movements. Just as well it comes pre-packaged with the console so we can play all those launch day Kinect titles the way they’re meant to be played like……..the now controller-heavy Ryse?

Supporting Indies
Microsoft’s Phil Harrison announced at E3 that nobody has been more committed to supporting indie game development than Xbox, and the good news is that this strategy is to continue into the future. And what indie game deserves more support and recognition than Minecraft? This is an indie game whose struggles have been well documented in recent years, whose graphics can push the boundaries of what the next-gen system can offer, and a game that will act as a console seller because it’s substandard or impossible to get on other platforms.

Next-gen graphics
Nothing says “modern game that pushes the envelope” quite like the colour brown. Thankfully, the next-gen looks safe in that regard. Dead Rising 3 will lose its weird and wacky elements for a more refined and hardened brown coat of paint, while we can expect to see plenty of grim colouring in the multiplatform titles Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and The Division. Of course, Sunset Overdrive has to spoil the party with bright and vibrant colours, but perhaps Microsoft will apply the pressure and we’ll see a rebranded and retextured trailer from Insomniac Games at the next outing.

Online Check-in
Let’s face it, it’s for our own good. How else will we ensure that we’re playing the most up-to-date version of the game possible? And be thankful for small mercies, it’s not as bad as originally rumoured; you don’t need to be online all the time, you just need to check-in every day…like you’re on parole.

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