Little Big Planet: Vita given a release date


Little Big Planet: Vita given a release date
Sony's PS Vita looks like getting a long-awaited shot in the arm when Little Big Planet makes it's entrance in late September.
Sony's long-suffering Vita handheld looks like it will finally receive something to cheer about as Little Big Planet: Vita has been slated to launch in North America on September 25th, with Europe receiving the game on September 19th according to the Playstation Blog.

Taking place on a mysterious traveling planet called Carnivalia, Sackboy's latest adventures comes packed with plenty of exclusive features on Vita, with the ability to take pictures and include them in the game, as well as some touch screen functionality.

This edition of Little Big Planet isn't being made by usual series helmers Media Molecule. Instead, it's a collaboration between Double Eleven and Tarsier Studio, with Tarsier's Community Coordinator Simon Rosenkotter revealing it's almost finished: "The team are currently making their final tweaksbut we are very happy to confirm that the game is almost ready for release!"

Little Big Planet: Vita given a release date on
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