Metal Gear Rising takes its Revengeance


Metal Gear Rising takes its Revengeance
Raiden’s troubled rise to power
Oh My God, I’m so pumped! The fact I don’t have a sword, on my person, at the time of writing this actually causes physical discomfort!

As much a showcase for Platinum Games’ insane genius, the new Metal Gear Rising trailer debuted on December 10th at the recent VGAs. It also provoked a whirlwind of emotions;

Explosive Laughter.
Total Pumpitute!

Seriously, it really runs the gamut. See for yourself...

Revenge. With a Vengeance.

Hilarious, am I right? Take a breath. God knows I needed to. How I never thought of such a mind bogglingly brilliant idiom is beyond me. I’m actually seething with envy. And that’s without even addressing the trailer.

But first, let’s roll back a year or three.

Rising Damp

There’s still an extremely strong argument to be made for Metal Gear Solid 4 as Game of the Generation. I’m not here to debate this (though I might another day...), my point is when Hideo Kojima hinted at a follow-up during the 2009 Game Developers Conference, the place fairly hit the roof.

However, initial perceptions of MGR were skewed, as the public was unsure which platforms it would be released for (Xbox 360 and, it was eventually revealed, PS3.) Also, the fact Hideo Kojima would merely be involved in a limited capacity left certain lingering doubts.

However the focus shift to Raiden over Snake went down a storm. Initially despised for his efforts in MGS2, ‘The Ripper’ was largely re-invented for the fourth entry, and almost stole the whole damn show.

Holding back Super-Cruiser Arsenal Gear one handed will have that effect. Needless to say, MGS fans were more than a little excited.

And then, at E3 2010, this happened...

... And everyone lost the plot!

Then sadly, Rising went dark. Markedly absent from this year’s E3, worry mounted regarding the game’s eventual fate. Then, it seemed the death knell sounded as Kojima Productions admitted to the cancelation of certain titles.

And with the departure of producer Shigenobu Matsuyama, and reported troubles working around Japan’s Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, specifically their (largely understandable) issues with the human dismemberment, the title teetered on the edge of a knife.

Or super-electro-katana.

Concerns Vanquished

Recently revealed in a Hideraji podcast (diligently reported and translated by Andriasang) Kojima actually canceled the game on the sly. Which, if you think about it, is utterly nutso! How could anyone resist making a game about a cyborg ninja who’s willing to do this...?

Evidently, Platinum Games and I are on the same wavelength.

With the story now changed to take place after the climactic events of MGS4, when infinitely choppable non-human cyborgs populate battlefields, our lightning haired protagonist is unsheathed.

Know but one thing about the Metal Gear franchise, know it’s cracked. Like proper mental!

So who better to take the reins off Kojima Productions than the nutters behind Bayonetta and Vanquish?!

Though not exactly my preference, Bayonetta undeniably took the Hack’n’Slash genre and not only reinvented it, but turned it inside out, on its head and kicked it in the pants. Meanwhile, 2010’s Vanquish was a resounding triumph. It took the tired, weathered cover shooter, attached a rocked to its back, pads to its knees, put a shape shifting rifle in its hands and let rip. In slow motion!

By having the foresight to be awesome, Platinum Games made a name for themselves very quickly indeed. They develop simple action concepts, splice them with some legitimate ingenuity and polish til sparkly!

One might argue they inherited a half finished mess from Kojima. But others, myself included, are excited to see what these genuine innovators can do with a pre-existing series, let alone Metal Gear Solid.

Stick ‘em with the pointy end!

But we need look no further than the trailer for insights into what Platinum actually have in store. And admittedly, on the surface it sadly looks a standard hack and slash affair.

Until, of course, Raiden slows time and starts hacking robo-foes limb from limb.

Or starts kicking them through cars, walls and the greater environment.
Or dodging missiles.
Or sprinting, upside-down, alongside a moving train.
Or chucking titanic Metal Gear Ray’s into the air and, you know it, cutting it into many many pieces.


Now, as a Metal Gear Solid fan, the decision to combine bonkers story with bonkers gameplay is totally foreign to me. (MGS traditionally features realistic, methodological stealth gameplay... for the most part...)

But I’m willing to get over it, especially when it’s 60fps Platinum bonkers!

And indeed, this trailer has divided fans the world over. But producer Atsushi Inaba took to tweeting about his love and respect for Kojima’s work on the series and Platinum’s intention to retain stealth and cut/collection mechanics.

If we’re lucky, Platinum and Kojima will eventually settle on a release date for our long overdue reunion with Raiden. As it stands, this should be at some stage in 2012.

Stay posted for details.

But what did you think of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer?
Be honest now...

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