Mind of Man launches in Ireland


Mind of Man launches in Ireland
How does the Twitter-verse see you and others?
Indie developer 2PaperDolls has released Twitter discovery game Mind of Man for Twitter in Ireland, with releases planned in UK and USA in the coming weeks. The game reveals how the online world sees you by turning your text and behaviors on Twitter into unique digital avatars called MindPrints. While traditional games offering choice or engaging in behaviour analysis have players making conscious decisions, Mind of Man engages with your online behaviours to unveil your persona.

Using players’ Twitter activity, Mind of Man can then link players to their celebrity twins, nemeses, determine if they are a saint or sinner, and display how much sway they hold on Twitter. Further updates are planned with more cards to unlock and the ability to remap and view your MindPrints over time. Players can also uncover details about friends, followers or celebrities. Once they are on Twitter, they have a unique identity.

It all sounds very Orwellian and in truth, it is. The game is designed with this feel in mind and reinforces this idea through in-game imagery, tone and slogans. Mind of Man reminds players that MOM loves you and you must fulfil your duty to MOM. This acronym is not simply a happy coincidence.

The game is set to blur the line between online personas, games and reality even further with the implementation of virtual and real-world rewards. 2PaperDolls founder Louis Ravenet explains, “The game captures a player’s online persona in a MindPrint, then uses their personality to drive other game experiences for prizes, discounts and rewards.” Regardless of how well behaved you are, you will get a reward for being either a saint or a sinner for example.

Mind of Man for Twitter is currently available on iTunes for free or for €0.79. The free version requires players to “pay with a tweet”. This model will automatically broadcast your celebrity twin to your followers via Twitter, whereas the premium version does not. Naturally, this game is not for those who are not on Twitter, have their tweets set to private or do not have online access.

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