New show fusing Japanese idols and classic retro video games!


New show fusing Japanese idols and classic retro video games!
With the best title ever: Game Girls Go!

Combine the wacky, unpredictable nature of Japanese game shows with sexy Japanese celebrities and retro video games? Sounds almost too good to be true! Well, Game Girls Go! is only on it's way to becoming a reality, but you can help! Like most aspiring dream projects these days, Game Girls Go! is currently running a Kickstarter page to get started. Check it out right here.

The show, Game Girls Go! features popular Japanese female television personalities playing classic Japanese video games in a contest of prizes or punishments, being described as “Double Dare -like icky challenges.”And while the television personalities and end-game challenges add an air of wacky unpredictability to the mix, the real stars of Game Girls Go! are the games, insists studio head Charlie Maib.

“We have put the upmost emphasis on the gaming aspect of the show,” said Charlie.“Over the last two years, we’ve been making inroads in Japan working with agents and game companies to make this happen.Of course, the companies that own the rights to these games are very concerned about their image, so they would never want to attach their name to something trashy, or something that would reflect poorly upon them.”

New show fusing Japanese idols and classic retro video games! on

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