Raytheon’s New Xos 2 Demoed.


Raytheon’s New Xos 2 Demoed.
Iron Man concerned.
Desperately grasping at practical reasons to justify what is, essentially, a boyhood sci-fi fantasy, Raytheon has recently demonstrated what its XOS 2 can do. And despite, begrudgingly, admitting that there seem to be some practical benefits to the exoskeleton, much more importantly, with this recent demo, Mechs, Walkers and Battle Suits legitimately seem more plausible than before. This robotics suit is designed to deal with logistical challenges facing the contemporary military. Considering the XOS 2 can lift bulky canisters, squeeze out some push-ups and punch through menacing looking wood, this battle-suit already seems more agile than many of its fictional counterparts. And considering it is expected to be used in Theatre within the next 5 years (10 years without the cumbersome tether) the future of military procedure looks interesting. If familiar. And nuts.

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