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Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver
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Much like any Pokémon title, players are cast in the role of an unnamed trainer tasked with defeating the eight Gym Leaders of the Johto Region and the nefarious, ever-present Team Rocket organisation. With 150 creatures to be acquired for your Pokédex (and exclusive Pokémon from each title), newcomers are assured a comprehensive introduction to a world of strategic battling and completist-baiting depth... complete with pedometer! The Poké Ball-shaped accessory connects to the DS itself via infrared signals. With one Pokémon stored inside, every step earns “watts”; a currency to spend on mini-games with can be played on the device. These games actually help players catch rare Pokémon too and beam them back to your DS cartridge. It’s an ingenious concept, a game in itself and assures players can play continuously at inconvenient times, and be rewarded for doing so. Considering the pedometer is completely free it’s the perfect icing on a particularly generous cake. It is likely Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver will be the final DS instalment of the main series, and a fine swansong. A newcomer-friendly remake of the hardcore fans’ most cherished instalment, this is refined handheld title that doesn’t push the boundaries of innovation but is as complete as any you are ever likely to find.

8 Stars: Recommended
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