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Not likely to be forgotten soon - trailer and stills inside!
Gamescon is just getting going in Cologne in Germany but already Capcom has delivered something that looks very special indeed.

Remember Me is a third person action title which is being developed by French dudes Dontnod Entertainment which fuses a futuristic aesthetic with some top notch action and even, shock horror, some originality to great effect.

The game was originally being developed as Adrift and you can still find art and a promo video on Dontnods site for that version which also summarises the plot. The setting is a tech filled Neo Paris in 2084, a world where humanity is connected 24/7 with sophisticated networks that obliterate individuality and freedom.

In this surveillance society, special agents known as memory hunters can even delve into the deep recesses of your mind to ‘remix’ your memory – forcing you to believe things which never happened to be true. Players will take on the role of one of these memory hunters, called Nilin, who wakes to find that her own memory has been toyed with and must find out what happened to her mind.

Check out the superb announcement trailer.

It looks like story it to the fore for Remember Me and there’s also plenty of acrobatics which brings to mind titles like Mirror’s Edge with some of the open world appeal of Assassin’s Creed, a dash of the GUI grandeur of Splinter Cell and a dollop of the ubiquitous Blade Runner for good measure.

But there are unique elements here, most obviously in the memory remixing skills of the protagonist. Remember Me will use these abilities in many ways throughout the game – from pilfering intel from the mind of passersby to actively diving into the mind of an NPC and fiddling with their memory for your own ends.

For illustration, here’s a lengthy section of gameplay from Remember Me, which sees Nilin out to eliminate a target. The kicker is – she has to make it look like an accident.

That gives you an idea of the variety of gameplay and the more stealthy options. The memory incursion itself is interesting, playing out like a puzzle mini game though it seems likely that there’s only one ideal solution in each case.

Remember Me may share many elements of others in the genre but the art style looks particularly sharp, the story sounds engaging and there’s serious promise behind the memory remixing gameplay. Not to mention the kicking looks really good.

Remember Me is set to release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in May 2013. More as we get it.

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