Resi 6 goes all DARK SOULS!


Resi 6 goes all DARK SOULS!
Agent Hunt Mode Detailed
Following in the eerie footsteps of the new, undisputed king of Survival Horror, FROM SOFTWARE (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls), Capcom will allow players to invade the campaigns of other gamers.

For assorted mayhem and bastardry!
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Famitsu has reported that Resident Evil 6 will feature an Agent Hunt mode, allowing players to invade the games of others and generally wreck the place!

Agent Hunt lets players secretly control an assortment of mutant mothers, with the sole purpose of taking down another player and making them cry like a little baby!

Multiple Black Phantoms AHEM AHEM players can attack simultaneously, using voice chat to coordinate themselves.

Mercifully gamers will be forewarned when a,shall we say, JERK is on the loose in their game but will not be informed as to which creature is controlled by Human intelligence...

Agent Hunt won’t be immediately available, needing campaign completion to unlock. And even then you’ll have to toggle the option to activate.

So if your Leon finds himself having a mud-hole stomped on his ridiculous blonde curtains by a team of invading players, you’ll have no-one to blame by yourself!

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