Review - Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches


Review - Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches
Whaler of a time!
Akane Studios
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XBox 360, PS3, PC
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By virtue of the very fact it is ‘More Dishonored’, The Brigmore Witches campaign DLC was always going to score well. And why should it not?!

It offers the same tiered, interconnected, generous level design. It features a unique gadget set which still string together for impressive carnage. It boasts a fresh range of missions which can be completed in an assortment of ways and with varying degrees of inhuman brutality.
Yeah coz this'll end well for her
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But while The Knife of Dunwall came under fire for finishing abruptly and leaving Daud’s oppressive guilt untouched, The Brigmore Witches attacks these issues like plague rats to a Weeper. Gross and thorough.

Firstly, Brigmore is a larger beast. It bookends its three primary missions with contemplative stints at Daud’s recently liberated hideout. While these are sedate affairs, they do offer scope for some exploration, scavenging and gift Michael Madsen’s growling protagonist the chance to wax sadly on his own crumbling empire and past, empress shaped missteps. These sections aren’t content devoid either, boasting a couple of pivotal confrontations that should test even the more seasoned Whalers among you.

While Brigmore repeats Kinfe’s tested one new map, one rehashed map, one restructured map template, with the notable exception of Rothwild’s Slaughterhouse (Knife’s finest hour) Brigmore has greater success with its locales. A return to Coldridge prison feels nostalgic but also fresh. The fact the map is 50% larger may be a factor...

Draper’s Ward echoes the Estate District from Dishonored Mission 5. But the additions of gang war, makeshift fortifications, buttressed atmosphere and an entirely new waterfront section mean it’s still distinctively Dunwall. But simultaneously original.

And as for Brigmore Manor.... not a word.

Daud’s pre mission ritual remains unchanged, purchase upgrades, supplies and favours. The latter typically amount to extra runes and charms but in one early instance, 300 coin is a small price to pay for some serious fan service!

Knife added gadgets like Chokedust and the Arc Mine. They return here and to similarly famous effect (especially when combined or used in junction with enemy patrols). Summon Assassin remains an awkward disappointment, however the new Pull power more than compensates. Enabling Daud to pickpocket at a distance, haul out of reach loot close, drag foes into the path of a rewired arc plyon or simply drop them from a fatal height, Pull is a game changing addition. In fact, it makes a serious case for best Dishonored power. Full stop. Exclamation mark. Hashtag? Nah.

A simple if thrilling connect the dot campaign, Daud’s war on the Brigmore Coven isn’t lacking narrative clout. Daud emerges as a more sympathetic breed of soulless killer. That said, appearances from Delilah and The Outsider douse the venture in moral ambiguity. Finally, the hushed chatter of guards and gangs really sell the lurking menace that of the recently escaped Corvo Attano. Daud truly feels like the most dangerous man in the empire no longer...

It musta been rainin'
It musta been rainin'Enlarge Enlarge

As the story’s climax, Brigmore might have the easier job. But Arkane haven’t exactly phoned this one in. It’s a triumph of post release content, offering gamers a few unique gameplay hooks, some fresh perspectives but ultimately delivering exactly what is craved by the masses... ‘More Dishonored.’

Seriously. Arkane. Bethesda.
More Dishonored. Please and thank you.

8 Stars
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