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Sony Computer Entertainment
SCE Santa Monica Studio
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After more than two years of development, the PS Move’s great white hope, Sorcery, finally makes its appearance as one of the first titles in an admittedly impressive looking second generation of Move titles. While the plot is certainly friendly towards younger gamers, placing you in control of a sorcerer’s apprentice who needs to learn as much as possible about magic in order to stave off a threat to his homeland, there does appear to be enough depth there to keep more seasoned players happy.

With more than twelve different spells available, each one upgradable as your character levels up and builds experience, as well as countless potions on offer, it looks as though there’s going to be plenty here to keep completionists happy, while there are numerous sub-quests offered to prolong the player’s enjoyment.

Those approaching the game expecting something groundbreaking are going to be sorely disappointed unfortunately; however it’s notable that the game’s move integration is quite impressive when compared to the earlier titles for the peripheral. If you’re looking for a game that’s not too taxing, but which allows you to adventure, check out plenty of locations and fight plenty of baddies while getting your magic on, then it might be worth checking out.

Sorcery is definitely a title that will appeal to younger players thanks to its Harry Potter-esque setting, but older players who aren’t expecting the second coming of Skyrim may just be able to garner some enjoyment from it too!

5 Stars
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