Rise of the Triad revealed at QuakeCon


Rise of the Triad revealed at QuakeCon
90s goodness for the modern era.
QuakeCon kicked off in Dallas with the announcement that Rise of the Triad has been remade for a modern era, but still stays true to its roots. The 90s action shooter was a little quirky, often chaotic and certainly bloody, and the remake looks no different. Rise of the Triad will utilise the Unreal Engine 3, and promises to be fast and furious. The game features jumppads to fling players through the air at speed and rocket launchers, which can be used as a source of propulsion.

The reveal didn’t go as Apogee and Interceptor would have hoped. Information was leaked from a promotional Twitter account earlier in the day, then the reveal was delayed as a result of QuakeCon scheduling, then the sound didn’t work on the trailer, and when the dust settled a large part of the crowd didn’t quite get it. Let’s face it; Rise of the Triad is not Doom after all. It’s unlikely that the game will appeal to the mass market; the remake looks very 90s and the common gamer seems to have moved on from some of these mechanics.

Check out the reveal trailer from Machinima. We're loving the HD Apogee logo!

Rise of the Triad will put the player in the boots of one of five characters who are part of the High-Risk United Nations Taskforce (HUNT) in a 20-stage single-player campaign. The game will feature a multiplayer mode and will include signature weapons from the original like the Flamewall, Firebomb, Split Missile, Drunk Missile, and the legendary Excalibat. If you’ve missed modes such as God, Elasto, Mercury, Shrooms, and Dog, you’ll be glad to hear that they will make a return. Finally, the game promises Steamworks functionality to build and share levels and mods, with all of the secrets, collectibles, and all of the old sounds and music intact.

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