Second Opinion - Resistance: Burning Skies


Second Opinion - Resistance: Burning Skies
Because sometimes even we don't agree with ourselves...
Sony Computer Entertainment
Nihilistic Software
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PS Vita
First Person Shooter
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As some of you may have noticed, Daniel didn't particularly care for Nihilistic Software's take on the Resistance series. However, in my opinion, he was a tad wrong - it's actually really good - so to balance things out a touch, here's a short second opinion...

It’s always difficult for a new developer to come aboard an established franchise, and when the project is a new handheld title the results are usually more miss than hit, but with Sony putting so much emphasis on its Vita push these days there’s little margin for error with Nihilistic Software’s first foray into the Resistance world with Burning Skies.

The game introduces yet another brand new protagonist to the fray in Tom Riley – but Riley is no soldier; he’s an American fire fighter called to arms to battle the Chimeran invasion of earth. The game is set in 1951 on the east coast, with Riley far more concerned about locating his family than taking on the invaders from above, but as you progress you’ll find him getting pulled deeper and deeper into the battle.

Burning Skies is notable for being the first portable FPS to make use of native twin sticks – one of the major selling points of the Vita – and for such a trailblazing endeavour, the translation from big screen to small screen has worked a charm. Burning Skies is a genuine reason for FPS fans to pick up the Vita, particularly thanks to its strong online multiplayer modes, which include the usual suspects like Deathmatch (free-for-all and team) as well as Survival mode across six maps. It may not have quite the same level of depth as its bigger console cousins, but it’s a fantastic start for the genre on the Vita, and we can’t wait for more of the same.

8 Stars: Recommended
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