SimCity 2013 GlassBox video


SimCity 2013 GlassBox video
Maxis' reboot unveils its inner workings
As you may have heard, SimCity is making a massive come back next year when it returns to PC.

Naturally, you’re all very excited to get back to handling the day to day running if your own metropolis but how exactly does this technology work?

The answer? GlassBox.

Glassbox is developer Maxis’ secret weapon when it comes to simulating a living, breathing city. The software organises every element of the world you have created as an agent which constantly updates and changes the world organically.

To help explain, Maxis will be releasing a series of videos which will delve into the inner workings of SimCity. And the first is below, detailing the system which is built on the philoshophy of ‘What You See Is What We Sim’.

Check it out.

SimCity is coming some time in 2013. More details as we get them.

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