So Deadpool stopped by for a visit...


  • Deadpool, Activision, High Moon Studios
  • Deadpool, Activision, High Moon Studios
  • Deadpool, Activision, High Moon Studios

Suck it, Wolverine!

Given Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth has a tendency to invade other media and take a sledgehammer to our beloved fourth wall, I have but moments before he moonwalks right into the office and wrestles the keyboard away from me.

So to get to the (sword)point, and sharpish! I decided the fastest, most thematically appropriate way of getting across the tone of High Moon Studio’s incoming lunacy generator was via *ahem* bullet point...

• Graphic Novelist Daniel Way was forced at gunpoint by Deadpool himself to pen the script.

Nolan North, practically synonymous with the Deadpool name, will return to amuse your faces!

Marvel cameos include long-time partner Cable, Mister Sinister, Psylocke and Wolverine. John DiMaggio will bend his vocal cords around the latter role.

Buddies!Enlarge Enlarge

• It’s secured an M rating so expect plenty of mileage out of those swords, grenades, automatic weapons, lasers, toilet jokes and boob references!

High Moon Studios have produced a number of acclaimed Transformers related titles, notably last summer’s Fall of Cybertron. So Deadpool is in competent (if previously bland) hands.

That said, with only a trailer and teaser to dismember, very little in the way of raw gameplay has been unveiled. That said I.... oh crap.... here he comes now *Tussle* *Girlish Yelp*

Dear Internets,

Welcome to my first official v-log. Only without the video. Coz video’s too mainstream.

So you want to know about gameplay, eh? Oh ho ho, can’t wait to get your hands on me! Ladies, please queue on my left for make-outs. Fellas, to the right, for high fives. Then make-outs!

The main thing to take from these gameplay videos is that I, Deadpool, the droll and muscular central protagonist, am a lot of fun. Not quite as much fun as your mother after three glasses of red and a game of twister, but close enough.

Nothin’s off the cards with me.
Swords: Got ‘Em.
Guns: Aplenty.
Melee Finishers: Religiously.
Bouncy Castle: Mandatory.
Break-Dancing Katana Specials: Constantly.
Don’t you?

Personally, I find the term Hack/Slash too reductive. It’s derogatory, deflating, decapitating. Well maybe not that last one, unless you catch me on a Monday morning - ZING!!!
I’m like a surgeon out there, and I’m not talking about re-attaching my own limbs....
I’m not just talking about re-attaching my own limbs.

I shoot things too.
Five a day.
As part of a balanced diet.
I’m all about the shooting. Not sure you could justifiably say I aim... But shooting? I’m all over that like a rash!

But let’s talk spectacle a moment. Or three. I’m not in a rush. Unless you’d like me to be... ladies. You know those bits in Unchartedor Tomb Raider when you’re hanging out the side of an aircraft like ‘oooh craaap’ or pulling your chute at the last moment to avoid being smooshed against some jagged rocks yelling ‘crikey’ or ‘blimey’ or ‘Quite the Sticky Wicket!’
(Lara Croft’s Australian, right?!?!)

Anyways yeah, I don’t do that. I do exciting stuff instead... like surfing unconscious goons down the side of buildings, or free-running up the side of falling helicopters or riding hog-tied missiles through concrete walls or totally wailing out awesome guitar solos!


And that’s just a taste, kids.
For the real deal just wire the following message to you local bank/building society “Give DEADPOOL all of the monies” and expect your copy at some stage Summer 2013.

And as for Wolverine...
*Checks nervously for Wolverine*
He is still more than welcome to suck it!

Bang! Bang Bang Bang!
Bang! Bang Bang Bang!Enlarge Enlarge
[Define Deadpool: I’d love to, but it’s a big ask. On paper he’s the mentally unhinged, severely disfigured, virtually immortal result of rigorous experimentation at the hands of Weapon X, those blokes what interfered with Wolverine! A mercenary adept at spinning swords, slinging guns and reattaching his own limbs, Wade Wilson doesn’t tend to stay on paper mind... And certainly not on script!Notoriously infamous for shattering every fourth wall he can find, you can expect High Moon’s Deadpool to be, if nothing else, a singularly atypical offering!]

Prominent Deadpool Cameos
Marvel Ultimate Alliance – 2006 – Raven Software – Nolan North
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 2009 – Marvel Entertainment – Ryan Reynolds
Hulk Vs Wolverine – 2009 – Marvel Animation – Nolan North
Marvel Versus Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – 2011 – Capcom – Nolan North

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