The Wonderful 101's Creative Producer launches Twitter tirade


The Wonderful 101's Creative Producer launches Twitter tirade
You better get excited!
Platinum Games’ Creative Producer, JP Kellams, took to Twitter with a personal rant aimed at the gaming community regarding the upcoming release of The Wonderful 101. He, and the team, just want people to try the game for themselves.

“If people don't start getting excited for @PG_Kamiya's The Wonderful 101, I'm gonna start slapping people,” he warned. It’s this lack of enthusiasm and chatter that seems to have riled Kellams up and provided the inspiration for his rant. “People say they want to original games, but then they only talk about sequels. I understand why, but isn't #TW101 what you say you want?” he questioned.

In the midst of the summer drought, Kellams also raised the salient point, “People say they want games NOW, but they aren't talking about the game that comes out next month. The kinda game they say they want? If you are the person who says they want summer games, who says they want quality, original games, then you have an obligation to #TW101.”

Platinum Games currently has two games in development for the Wii U, Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, but the former is garnering the most attention thanks to the critical reception and quality of the original. This is one of the issues facing The Wonderful 101; it is an untried and untested IP. Kellams pointed out, “You never knew you'd love Bayonetta until you played it,” but it is getting people to that point of playing with the group of superheroes (that we will soon feel the same way about apparently) that is causing some concern. We have asked if a demo is planned and will update if we get a response.

The Wonderful 101 will be released on the Wii U on August 23rd in Europe and September 15th in North America. We previously had the opportunity to try it out at Eurogamer at the end of last year and we really enjoyed how it was shaping up at the time. If you like the typical frantic action that many have come to expect from Platinum Games along with plenty of colour and character, you’ll love The Wonderful 101.

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