Thief trailer confirms new voice actor


Thief trailer confirms new voice actor
Garrett becomes less sneaky too.
The first trailer for Square Enix’s new Thief game sees Garrett returning to the shadows to conduct a heist. According to Square Enix’s blurb with the video, the game will allow players to take full control and choose how they wish to approach situations. In the trailer, we see a stealthy entry before Garrett takes the less subtle approach and drops explosives to cover his trail. It's easier to showcase action in a trailer rather than showcasing a slow and methodical approach through a level, so it's too early to say where the balance between the two will be struck or how much freedom players will have to decide what route to take.

Thief is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and other next-generation consoles. Meanwhile, it seems like Eidos Montreal has drafted in a new voice actor to play Garrett. The omission of the series’ voice actor Stephen Russell may not sit well with avid Thief fans. He has been synonymous with the role for the past 15 years, but just like David Hayter of Metal Gear Solid fame it looks like time has been called on his role.

No release date has been set just yet though you can expect to see it sometime in 2014. The inclusion of “next-generation consoles” has us curious what we may see the title on besides the next Xbox with the PlayStation 4 version already confirmed.

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