Top 4 Games of April 2012


  • Witcher 2
  • Kinect Star Wars

The Witching Hour
*Cough* *Cough* So dry....
This month, the Games industry goes so easy on the high profile releases, I have officially failed to reach my quota of five titles. That’s not to say April won’t have its pleasant surprises (come on Steam, prove your worth!!!) but in terms of incoming titles, pickings are slim.

That said, unless you’ve found a way to manipulate space/time to your will, chances are there’s still a game or six from the Q4/Q1 2011/2012 period you’ve yet to try...

Title – Kinect Star Wars
Developer –Terminal Reality
Publisher - LucasArts
Released – April 3rd

It speaks to the quality of April’s releases that a game titled ‘Kinect Star Wars’ makes the cut. And that’s exclusively because it might be a larf gesticulating as digital droids careen helplessly across the screen.

Obviously a game aimed at the ‘casual’ market (whatever that is, shelling fifty bills for any game isn’t exactly casual...) Kinect Star Wars addresses the prequel trilogy and challenges players with pod racing, lightsaber duels, wrecking the place as a giant Rancor and, hell of hells, dancing!

But LucasArts firmly believe that if you’re a pre-teen, parent, granny or any other denomination of fringe gamer, the thought of pilotingX-wingsand duelling Darth Vader isn’t to be sniffed at. And perhaps it’s not?...

Many might cry foul at the thought of their beloved childhood being plundered so unceremoniously.

But you could always just get over it. And play one of these instead...

Title – Devil May Cry HD Collection
Developer –Pipeworks Software
Publisher - Capcom
Released – April 3rd

Fresh information regarding Capcom’s incoming HD collection has proved a challenge to unearth. This makes me a tad sceptical. This collection might just be Devil May Cry 1-3, spruced up nice, crammed onto a single disc and sprinkled with some trophies and achievements.

The lack of extras may seem stingy but alike the MGS HD Collection before it, this package offers three titles, two of which are quite good (one of which is DMC2...)

Dante shreds it something fierce!
Dante shreds it something fierce!Enlarge Enlarge
While 2001’s Devil May Cry introduced the world to Dante, the cocky, gun-slinging, bleach-haired, pizza-chomping impertinent hunter of demons, it wasn’t until 2005 when the series became the embodiment of hack’n’slash.

The flagship of this collection will doubtless be the DMC3 Special Edition! Not only does it feature Vergil, Dante’s more reserved, katana wielding half brother demon person as a playable character with his own campaign, there’s also the Bloody Palace survival mode and this already breakneck experience can be revved a further 20% via Turbo Mode.

Oh, it’s also bastard hard!

From the looks of things, DMC hasn’t aged well in terms of presentation, particularly not the original. However you’ll be hard pushed to find a hack’n’slash brand with as much colour, imagination and deficiency of sanity this side of Bayonetta.

Title – Prototype 2
Developer –Radical Entertainment
Publisher - Activision
Released – April 27th

Power Fantasy.
This term gets bandied about by the violence lovers at Radical Entertainment. In many ways it’s the ideal, the goal of their Prototype franchise. And unlike Spider-Man, Batman or every other super-hero, for James Heller, mutated protagonist of Prototype 2, with great power comes the willingness to kill absolutely everything, in the world, ever!

I’m not sure anyone played the original for its story, but there’s a new one of those too for the sequel. As are an assortment of fresh powers, including the Bio-Bomb, the ability to overload some poor unfortunate with the BlackWater virus and chuck ‘em as a live grenade.

Live, but not for very long.

Questionable morality aside, Prototype echoes Radical’s criminally underplayed Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction via the ability to shake entire cities with a single blow, toss tanks as frisbees and pounce skyward and wrestle helicopters.

While Hulk was a bit chunky for the endeavour, Heller can hi-jack most weapons and vehicles, raining rain searing lead, napalm and rockets down upon foes/civilians/puppies etc.

Prototype 2 is not destined to win awards for interactive storytelling, and is unlikely to wow gamers with nuanced narrative. But it’s the only game of the current generation I can think of that enables players to take on entire armies single-handedly.*

That the aforementioned hand is a bladed tentacle monster is irrelevant.
That the aforementioned hand is a bladed tentacle monster is irrelevant.Enlarge Enlarge

* Asura’s Wrath doesn’t count. Coz he had six!

Title – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
Developer –CD Projekt RED
Publisher – Namco Bandai Games
Released – April 17th

The second biggest surprise of 2011, the Witcher 2 is cutting its way onto Xbox this month. We hope you free time is ready to get stabbed in the face!

The enhanced edition features sexy new content, including new characters, missions and cut-scenes. Couple this with an already lengthy campaign, wrought with political strife, profane dialogue and scantily-clad NPC, ahem, ‘interactions’, and CD Projekt Redhave fashioned arguably the most mature game for years.

And if leaping from a battlement to plunge a silver sword through the neck of a fire belching dragon isn’t mature, then the term’s meaning clearly eludes me!!!

Questionable claims that graphical fidelity has been maintained for the Xbox version notwithstanding (as a rule, XboxMass Effect 3.

But while the Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings couldn’t be more disparate, and the perceived popularity between the two franchises makes for unfair comparison, I have every confidence in those magnificent, bloodthirsty, foul-mouthed perverts at CD Projekt Red and that The Witcher 2 will astound console fans in 2012 as it did PC users a year ago.

Besides, Witcher Geralt has two swords. TWO!

Get in!

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