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Wakey Wakey

Though historically not as severe as previous afflictions, the Games Industry has been in a coma these past few months.
And rather than rousing gamers with the gentle rustling of smaller games swelling to a single Triple A release, the Industry is cranking it to eleven and intends to wake us sleeping dogs up with a cacophony of blockbusters!

Title: Deadlight
Developer: Tequila Works
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Released: August 1st

It’s hard to do something new with the Zombie genre. Most games struggle to do anything right.

Ignoring the former, the good folks at Tequila Works are trying their damndest with the latter! Deadlight is a gloriously rendered 2-D zombie survival puzzler. Health, ammo and stamina must all be managed carefully while combat, for a change, is actively discouraged.

Because when staring down a horde of the undead, what better tool to use than the one thing they’re trying to gobble?!
Deadlight offers a fresh, stylish slant on a tired genre and is well worth plucking from the shadows.

Title: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Developer: High Moon Studios
Publisher: Activision
Released: August 24th

War for Cybertron was a disappointment.

It was a fine offering with some varied play, energetic set-pieces and half decent multiplayer. But it didn’t provided Transformers with that kick in the pants it desperately needed following years of gaming stagnation and Michael Bay’s soulless travesties of celluloid.

High Moon Studios aims to rectify such missteps with a robot Tyrannosaurus.

Additional tweaks have been made to weapon load-outs, character specific abilities and customizable creations for online play.
But Fall of Cybertron needs something special to break from the ranks of mediocrity. Like dynamic “cover”, improved vehicle functionality and, I dunno, A COMPELLING NARRATIVE!!!

Title: Darksiders II
Developer: Vigil Games
Publisher: THQ
Released: August 21st

Hailed as a gory, angsty Zelda with just a splash of God of War, Darksiders sounded so good, it turned out to be false. An agreeable, technically accomplished endeavour, it lacked Sony Santa Monica’s ferocity or Nintendo’s intelligence and intricacy.

Armed with a new apocalyptic horseman,Darksiders II echoes its predecessors Hub and Dungeon structure, offering more substantial puzzling, expanded platforming and faster, meticulous combat.

Not the prettiest game in the underworld, Darksiders II still features the voice talent of Michael Wincot and James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont, HOB’s Game of Thrones) a new loot system for swapping equipment and a greater emphasis on role playing than its burly predecessor.

Sleeker, smarter, more precise? Over your dead body?

Title: New Super Mario Bros 2
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: August 17th

Do I even need to say anything about this one? We all know it’ll be fantastic.

That damned idiot Princess Peach has gotten herself idiotnapped again (try investing in some personal security, Princess, God knows you have the cash!) and it’s up to Mario and Luigi to run across the screen, vaulting obstacles and consuming gene-altering fungi.

Preternatural flora, the Super Leaf, makes its long awaited return from the vaunted Super Mario Bros 3, alongside omnipotent foliage and alchemic flowers which convert brick to gold.

There’s a heavier emphasis on money grabbing this time, with Coin Rush modes complimenting a campaign co-op. In fact, the primary objective is to accumulate 1 million coins.

Apparently it IS all about the Money.

Title: Sleeping Dogs
Developer: United Front Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: August 17th

I’ve already spoke my piece regarding Sleeping Dogs and it’s sordid history, so there’s really nothing more to say....
...besides hammering home this point - Sleeping Dogs looks magnificent.

Imagine GTA. Now imagine it wasn’t amoral, sluggish and derivitive.
Imagine fence vaulting, door smashing foot chases.
Imagine cover hopping, time stalling shoot outs.
Imagine ramp jumping, hairpin turning speed-boat races.
Imagine throat chopping, roundhouse kicking, scenery bursting fist fights.
Couldn’t sound less like GTA actually....

Set in the vibrant, seedy underbelly of the island of Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs pits undercover officer Wei against the city’s most dangerous Triads.

Sure he constantly tightropes the zipline of moral and legal quandaries throughout his assignment. But at least there’s shopping and karaoke to calm the nerves...

Sleeping Dogs seems the game all sandboxes aspire to be. A joyous fusion of other titles’ mechanics, wrapped in a fresh aesthetic and bowed with some eastern promise.

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