Top 5 Games of June 2012


  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • Lollipop Chainsaw
  • LEGO Batman 2

Line in the Sand

And cue June.

The days are longer, the EUROs are on and the Sun is out, at least sporadically. And despite last night’s disappointment, there are a few gems to lift lagging spirits this coming month. So should you find yourself growing increasingly apathetic with Pimm’s, BBQs and the Sun’s mutating UV death rays, why not wrap your thumbs around one of these?

Title - Game of Thrones
Developer – Cyanide
Publisher – Atlus
Released – June 8th

We reviewed this a couple weeks back and in all honesty we’d struggle to recommend it. However with the show’s swelling popularity, and its second season just finished, if you are a massive Gregor Clegane sized fan of George R.R. Martin’s continent spanning game of musical chairs, it might be worth chancing your arm.... or neck.

Title - The Amazing Spider-Man
Developer – Beenox
Publisher – Activision
Released – June 29th

I know how this looks! Am I really recommending two stinkers in the same month? Well, chances are I am. But for some reason, there is a tangible buzz about this one.

Yes yes, it’s perfectly normal for your spidey sense to tingle about now. This is a movie-tie in game! We’ve all been hurt before.
But returning to Spidey free rein over NYC, while slinging in that glorious Arkham-style combat mechanic Rocksteady so trail-blazed, seems the appropriate poultice. The Amazing Spider-Man has a chance (A CHANCE folks, no more) to stand out as the summer’s guilty pleasure.

Much in the same way Captain America DIDN’T last year!

Taking place after the events of the upcoming blockbuster and deliberating distancing itself from the film’s voice talent, The Amazing Spider-Man does have at least two things going for it.


Title - Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes
Developer – Traveller’s Tales
Publisher – Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Released – June 22nd

Overwhelmed by a sea of villainous Danish building blocks, Lego Batman ropes in the entire Justice League for his second outing. In this fresh open world title, the Dynamic Duo have expanded their arsenal of gadgets and called in the big guns such as Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Hawkgirl/man, Aquaman, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Green Lantern, Nightwing and the Son of Jor El himself!

In fact, the playable character count is up to 70 this year, with splitscreen co-op and voice cast, a series first. DC Animated Veteran and former Kurgan, Clancy Brown, reprises his role as Lex Luther while Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite’s Booker) and Steve Blum (Bulletstorm’s Grayson Hunt) fill out the cast.

Title- Lollipop Chainsaw
Developer – Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher – Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Released – June 15th

Full disclosure: Even to me, this one looks fairly naff. A seemingly basic hack’n’slash formula starring a scantily clad, generously bosomed blonde cheerleader doesn’t work wonders for the industry’s public image.

It may have been more palatable, was it some class of ironic subversion.

But.... it’s not.

What Lollipop Chainsaw DOES have going for it is an acclaimed development team (Grasshopper Manufacturer, Shadow of the Damned) unlikely control scheme (in addition to light and heavy attacks, your boyfriend’s decapitated head can be kicked like a football or used to possess the undead) and wilfully eccentric plot.

In an effort to maintain her extracurricular activities, veteran cheerleader and zombie hunter Juliet Sterling (Tara Strong, Arkham City’s Harley Quinn) saws through zombie hordes with the aid of pom-poms, her trusty chainsaw, and boyfriend Nick’s dismembered, hilariously unimpressed head (Stephen Blum, yet again!)

Title- Spec Ops: The Line
Developer – Yager
Publisher – 2K
Released – June 29th

A squad based third person shooter based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Now there’s a sentence I never expected to actually mean anything. But not only is The Line an unlikely endeavour, it’s also, by some margin, the month’s most promising.

Set against the backdrop of a ruined Dubai, and earning itself a ban in the United Arab Emirates in the process, The Line’s sinister tone betrays a more reflective narrative than its bombastic gameplay trailer suggests. Unearthing the perils of leadership, jingoism and charity amidst catastrophic social meltdown, Nolan North’s Captain Walker leads his men on a rescue/investigation/run-for-your-lives mission into Dubai’s sundered heart.

A cover shooter with intuitive, reticule based squad commands, melee executions, environmental hazards and sand traps, The Line distinguishes itself via dynamic terrain constantly afflicted by randomized sandstorms which affect both level design and combat.

Though lacking the tactical depth of last month’s Future Soldier, The Line underplays military precision in favour of an arresting plot and cinematic set-pieces. Naturally, this blueprint coupled with North’s fairly conspicuous presence, invites an unavoidable comparison with a certain other exotic adventure franchise...

Only two and a half weeks til we’ll discover if Yager are the equal to that particular challenge!

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