Watch Dogs will arrive in 2013


Watch Dogs will arrive in 2013
But on what formats?
Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was one title, which stole the show at E3 this week and the latest news is that it will be appearing on PC and consoles in 2013. The Watch Dogs Twitter account was used to relay this information to one user who sent the question. The title became one of the most talked about, especially considering it was kept secret for so long. As a result, there are plenty of questions being flung Ubisoft’s way.

The team has already confirmed that it will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the use of the word “consoles” has many speculating that the Wii-U may get a look in. Fuel was added to the fire when Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot responded to a question regarding formats saying, “PS3, 360, PC and… we’ll see." While there was no mention of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720, this does look like a title that could cross over onto the next generation of consoles. The release date of both the game and said consoles will be a determining factor here, but if released later on the new consoles, we have to wonder what they will add besides shiny new graphics to convince more people to either make the jump to the new generation or pick up the title a second time.

This is certainly one title that we will be keeping an eye on. If you missed it at E3, Ubisoft has released a 9 minute long gameplay video.

Watch Dogs will arrive in 2013 on
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