Why is Sony debuting new IPs?


Why is Sony debuting new IPs?
Because they’re nice?!
Despite the PS3’s age, and its position in the current gen life cycle, Sony sure aren’t sweating the new IPs.

Debuting Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls and showcasing more of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us at E3 recently, they clearly believe there’s life in the old girl yet?

Why this show of faith? Well simply enough,

"It is absolutely critical [to create new ideas]," incoming Playstation CEO Andrew House told MCV.

Sony maintains it is the platform holder’s duty to offer new experiences and attempt to bring in new players.

"We've always felt that the strength of our platform has been a kind of symbiotic [GROSS] relationship between the platform being created and strengthened by new experiences. And then that reinforcing the strength and one hopes the longevity of the platform overall.

"I've heard conventional wisdom in the industry that says - and it is kind of like an American presidency - that the first two years in a lifecycle is the only chance to innovate with a new audience.

"We take a different view. It is part of the role of a platform holder to have the confidence and to make the investment where necessary to show that six years into a lifecycle, there is a significant audience that is going to actively peruse new IP. And the onus on that is to deliver on those expectations."

Damn straight. Considering the bulk of PS3 owners shelled out the guts of €500 within the last 5 years (moreso if they finally made the jump to HD television for that very reason), you could colour us relieved by House’s attitude.

But now we’re stuck wondering if he’s a diagnostics specialist, walks with a cane and is a jerk to his patients.

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