Why PS4's Playstation Plus Strategy Adds Up to Something Tasty!


Why PS4's Playstation Plus Strategy Adds Up to Something Tasty!
If my calculations are correct….

Online multiplayer won’t be a free service on PS4. This might feel like a kick in the teeth from Sony.
Especially in light of the fact this service is and always has been free on PS3. And I’m not here to convince you otherwise.
“Hello, is that Teeth? Oh, hi, my name’s Boot. Delighted to make your acquaintance.”
But if we’re being coerced in to a subscription services, it might as well be Playstation Plus. Because Sony has been kicking the snot out of ‘Microsoft All That Glitters…’ for months now.

Case in point: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is currently FREE to PS Plus members.
It’s free for the next 19.5 days.
It is also revolutionizes the Hack/Slash genre.
And is EXTREMELY good.
And currently EXTREMELY free.

Revengeance is just the latest in a long run of Triple A games available via PS Plus’ vaunted Instant Game Collection. Remember Me is free ALREADY despite being a June release. Last month it was Far Cry 3. The one before was Assassin’s Creed 3. And this is IN ADDITION to Uncharted 3 and the Vita’s Golden Abyss, Dragons Dogma Proper and its Dark Arisen DLC, Gravity Rush, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and others. That’s a lot of free games….

But Christ knows I’d lack the patience to wait 9 months for something like REVENGEANCE. Even if I knew it was on its way to PS Plus. Not a chance. No way.
But I’m not a man known for his patience.
You might fare better.

A whopping great big back catalogue of TOTALLY FREE VIDEOGAMES should be sufficient to sell you on the merits of PS Plus. But the ancillary benefits aren’t to be sniffed at neithers!

The PS4 welcome pack includes launch day exclusives Resogun and Contrast (Drive Club’s eventual fate won’t be determined next March.) PS Plus subscribers are also first in line for Demos and Beta Trials. Tell me you’re not interested in that Dark Souls II Beta making the rounds!

Cloud storage helps you access save games and data remotely, ideal for booting up your progress when at a friend’s place. I’d argue this sort of feature should bundle with the PS4 proper rather than its subscription service. But hey, it’s another nice perk for PS Plus.

But… No. You’re right. This can’t change the fact you now have to pay to access online multiplayer when you didn’t before. You’ll still have to part with $49.99/€49.99/£39.99 for the privilege of accessing an in-game/on-disc feature you’ve already purchased.

I’m just trying to point out that for such manky tasting medicine, cloud storage, early access, generous discounts, exclusive content and a metric sh*t-ton of free games constitutes more than just a spoonful of sugar, folks!

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