Celeb boys back ISPCC anti-bullying campaign


Celeb boys back ISPCC anti-bullying campaign
Colin Farrell, Siva Kaneswaren and Jamie Heaslip yesterday became the latest faces to front up an ISPCC anti-bullying campaign.

The stark images show the trio made up to look like they’ve been beaten up.

They join a host of well-known faces who have been already been photographed such as Mark Feehily, Jedward, Saoirse Ronan, Louis Walsh and Laura Whitmore.

Mark Feehily said yesterday: “I know at first hand how the impact of being bullied as a teenager can quite literally last a lifetime and I thought that if we could involve well known ISPCC ambassadors perhaps people will think twice about bullying or indeed allowing bullying to happen.”

“We were bullied at school ..but we were lucky in one way as we had each other. We know how first hand how horrible bullying can be and so we jumped at the opportunity of being part of this campaign,” Jedward added.

“If this campaign can stop one incident of bullying than in my book it has been a success,” continued Louis Walsh.

“The message from each of these campaign photos is so strong and was a message I was very happy to be part of. Any form of bullying is unacceptable,” Saoirse Ronan said.

For more info see ISPCC.

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