Christmas gift list by Censura's Jimmy Trigger


Christmas gift list by Censura's Jimmy Trigger
10 things I want or to give for Christmas, EASY
Jimmy Trigger is the songwriter and singer for recently signed Irish metal band CENSURA! He is a self admitted overly positive guy with some really odd addictions...

1: Batman pajamas, complete with cape
If you know me at all the only presents i ever want...BATMAN STUFF!!! I have everything from comics to boxers, hats & tshirts, slippers to tattoos. My entire left leg is covered in Batman tattoos, Michael Keaton FTW (via Spencer's)

2: Cash
Money is always the handiest if you're stuck for ideas. To give and receive...But I don't have any, so that could be a problem. Haha...

3: Vouchers
I don't care, I love em. I don't know why people give out about them. Vouchers are awesome. You have to go out and use them.

4: Tattoos
It's probably a little odd, but it's one of my addictions...Tattoos, or even a tattoo voucher. It's a great gift, and slightly out of the ordinary. Go spend a day with a friend and get inked...Call in to Kris in Wildcat Dublin. He is SICK.

5: Musical Instruments
It's creative and fun for everyone. I worked in a music shop called Essaness Music in Kilkenny for 10 years and being involved in music really is a gift for life.

6: Selection Boxes
'Cause they're freaking AWESOME!!!

7: A sack of coal
This is a weird one, because it's associated with being bad, but, a big bag of coal. It's freaking freezing here, C'MON it makes sense. My Mam bought me like 10 bags years ago for Christmas. Best present ever.

8: P.M.M.A.
I don't know if you can give this, but you can spread it: P.M.M.A (positive mental motherf***in attitude). People get very down at this time of year because they think it's all to do with money. Not true. Just be good to each other and respect each. That is a gift within itself.

9. Censura - The Island
I know I'll probably give a few of these this year. My band CENSURA! just released our new CD. So by buying one of them, it's a gift for whoever, and you'll be supporting Irish musicians.

10: You can't put a price on happiness
If I get nothing else for Christmas, I just want this one the most...To Be Happy. Wake up with a smile on my face Christmas morning (probably a little hungover) and be grateful for everything I have and everything that is truly great.
*ask what that looks like.

Have a great Christmas to one and all and hopefully see you on tour soon...ROCK ON!!!...KEEP IT POSITIVE

For more on Jimmy Trigger follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and P.M.M.A. for daily pick me ups.

Christmas gift list by Censura's Jimmy Trigger on
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