Daniella Moyles is in a right state


Daniella Moyles is in a right state
Model jets to America for the Summer

Im not going to stay here forever if I dont get my big break

Sexy Irish model Daniella Moyles is heading to the States for the summer — and hasn’t ruled out emigrating there if she likes it.

Daniella is jetting out to spend time in California with a friend and admitted that living in Ireland can be a struggle.

“I’m going on an extended holiday. I’m sampling what it might be like," she said. “I mean, it [emigrating] is not something I have totally ruled out. It’s hard here at the moment."

Stunning Daniella (23) has fronted the sports show Bulletin TV on RTE Two, and is a regular face on Republic of Telly. She has ambitions to become one of the top presenters in the country and previously said she will pack her bags if she doesn’t get the career she wants here.

“I’m not going to stay here forever if I don’t get my big break. I’m so proud of everything I’ve done so far and I don’t feel like I’ve compromised on anything,” she said. “I’m so proud of Bulletin TV and Republic of Telly is a brilliant show. I want to master my craft and be a good broadcaster. The UK will always be my second option. I’d love to be successful at home.

“I’d like to be one of the top presenters here but if that’s not an option and if that’s not something that presents itself I’d absolutely go to the UK.”

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