Danni Minogue jet hell


Danni Minogue jet hell
Aussie beauty Dannii Minogue has revealed how she had a brush with death after a passenger jet she was flying in was struck by lightning.

The former X Factor judge feared she was going to die after seeing the lightning bolt hit the plane.

Dannii was flying from Melbourne to Sydney earlier this week when the jet had to pass through a thunder storm. And the 40-year-old feared for her life.

Speaking from Sydney, singer Dannii revealed: "It happened right next to where I was sitting. I was terrified. I thought it was all over."

But while the mum-of-one was left feeling anxious and scared for the rest of the flight, she was the only passenger who appeared to be worried.

Dannii, whose son Ethan wasn’t on the plane with her, laughed: "No-one else seemed worried, which was strange."

She had travelled to Sydney to help promote the Aussie cosmetics firm, ModelCo.

While the TV star was happy to fulfill her work commitments, any talk of her private life was banned.

Her management team ruled that no-one at the event was allowed to quiz her about her romance with estranged lover Kris Smith.

It was recently reported that the Dannii is trying to work things out with the 33-year-old model. They split in April after four years together.

At the time Kris admitted the break-up was tough but said they have "mutual respect" for each other.

It was Dannii’s decision to refuse an offer to return to the UK X Factor this year that has sparked rumours of a reconciliation.

Pals close the couple say they still love each other and would like to work things out for the benefit of their son.

Dannii’s old boss Simon Cowell (52), whom she had a fling with in 2007, wanted her to fill the vacant fourth judging spot on his show.

But she knocked him back after being left humiliated by his boastful comments in a book about his life.

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