Dannii Minogue: I am not Cowell's sex toy


Dannii Minogue: I am not Cowell's sex toy

Shes fuming that hes told the world she was his new toy

SHAKEN Dannii Minogue has been left fuming over revelations she enjoyed a secret affair with X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

The Aussie beauty feels she’s been made a laughing stock around the world after being branded a "toy" by the music mogul in a new book about his life.

Cowell, 52, said that when Dannii joined the X Factor panel in 2007 he thought "she’ll be my new toy".

He confessed that he quickly "felt like a schoolboy" around Dannii during her time on his ITV1 talent show.

And he described his feelings for the "foxy" babe as "genuine love".

But last night Dannii, 40, told pals she’s furious he has not only breached her privacy but also used such a derogatory term to describe her.

"She’s fuming that he’s told the world she was his new toy," says the friend.

"Who does his think he is?

"It was no secret that Dannii and Simon had a close relationship but he’s shown his true colours by referring to her in this way."

Dannii fears her credibility within the TV industry has now been tainted because the book, written by former BBC journalist Tom Bower, makes it appear as if she had an affair with the boss to boost her career.

The news has come as a major blow to the mum-of-one who is currently trying to mend her broken heart following the collapse of her relationship with Brit model Kris Smith.

Dannii’s friend added: "Simon’s made her out as if she’s some puppy that does what he says whenever he clicks his fingers.

"Anyone who knows Dannii knows she’s not like that.

"Just like with Cheryl he uses people and tosses them aside when he gets bored."

Simon and Dannii were dogged by rumours they were having an affair after they were caught holding hands in the back of his limousine in 2007.

At the time they both denied the allegations.

But in the book, called Sweet Revenge: The Intimate life of Simon Cowell, the music boss confesses he did have a fling with the beauty, who was single at the time.

Cowell said: "I had a crush on her. "It was Dannii’s hair, the sexy clothes and the t**s. "I was like a schoolboy.

"She was foxy. "She was a real man’s girl. "Very feminine.

"It was genuine love." Sources close to Cowell say that while he was interviewed by the book’s author, he agreed to have no editorial control.

He also had no idea the revelations would be made public at the weekend.

The first he knew about it was when he saw an advert for the book on Saturday night.

He then tweeted: "Just seen the TV ad for the unauthorised book on me.


As news of their affair spread around the world, Dannii’s fears she would become a laughing stock appeared to come true.

Many fans took to Twitter to poke fun at her.

One said: "How embarrassing for Dannii Minogue sh*gging Simon Cowell and STILL gets fired.... SheMustBeSh*tInBed"

Another called Max added: "Totally figures, how else would a talentless nobody like her keep her job as an X-Factor judge?"

And blogger Guffybear laughed: "The lengths some women will go to to get a job - there is probably a word for it but it escapes me...!"

Even Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams, 40, couldn’t help making a joke of it.

He tweeted: "Was very upset to read about my Simon’s secret affair with Dannii Minogue. "Hope he doesn’t break my heart like he did her’s..."

A spokesman for Dannii last night said the star won’t be commenting.

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