Emmett Scanlan says it's good to be bad


Star reckons his 'd**khead face' gets him dark roles

I have got a d**khead face. I was born with a d**khead face. It's that kind of face you look at and go 'He's a d**khead

Actor Emmett Scanlan has no problem being continually cast as the bad boy as he reckons that he has the face of a d**khead.

Emmett, 32, has developed a huge following on Hollyoaks as the sociopath Brendan Brady and he doesn't mind being continually offered dark roles.

He said: "I have got a d**khead face. I was born with a d**khead face. It's that kind of face you look at and go 'He's a d**khead".

"My dad has one, I have one, his dad's dad had one. I think it's just a Scanlan thing. I certainly didn't look in the mirror and go 'Yeah that's a romantic lead' because I'm not.

"To be fair I just finished a series for the BBC called The Fall and I was a good guy in that, I was a cop. The only other time I played a good guy was when I was cast in The Clinic.

"I like to play both. I don't worry about getting typecast as the bad guy, I just worry about not being cast."

Emmett broke into Hollywood after taking part in the RTE series Hollywood Trials and went on to work on the Justin Timberlake produced series The Phone.

His recent movie Charlie Casanova raised a lot of eyebrows and now Hollywood has sat up and taken notice of the cheeky Dubliner.

There is even a comparison being drawn with fellow Dub and current Hollywood hunk, Colin Farrell.

Farrell too burst onto the scene on TV after appearing in BBC's Ballykissangel before making it big Stateside.

And just this week, Emmett was nominated for Best Soap Actor in the TV Choice awards in the UK.

And with the BBC series The Fall also in the bag things are looking extremely bright for his future.

He said: "To act alone is hilarious. To get on set and play make believe, which kids do on a daily basis, and you get paid for it as well. There's nothing I love more than being on set and playing.

"Playing with the director, the crew, your fellow castmates and being a different character. i have the best craic when I'm on set. I'm more myself than I am at the end of the day when I'm on set. Without it I don't know what I'd do.

"Every single day I get to walk on set. I get to walk to work everyday and do what I love. Growing up I watched Rocky and I always wanted to be a hero even if it was for pretend."

Emmett's character Brendan is currently involved in a tricky storyline in Hollyoaks as he recently found the body of nurse Lynsey Nolan.

And things are also set to get interesting for the character as his son, played by Keith Duffyís son Jay, is making a comeback this summer.

Emmett is friends with the former Boyzone star and has promised to keep an eye on Jay when he is away from home.
He said: "I've known Keith for a long time. Jay is a beautiful kid. I look after him and take him under my wing. He plays my son in it and he's old enough to come over without a chaperone. He's on his Toblerone coming over for a couple of weeks. That must be making Keith's blood levels rise a little bit. I wish I could say don't worry I'll take control of it but that's probably going to make his rise even more."

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