Hugh Laurie set to take on RoboCop


Hugh Laurie set to take on RoboCop
Funnyman Hugh Laurie will battle RoboCop in a remake of the classic 1987 thriller.

The 53-year-old actor is to star as a ruthless company chairman in the film.

It’s his first role since Hugh filmed the final episode his quirky medical drama series House.

His cruel character in RoboCop — head of fiction weapons developer Omnicorp — is responsible for the creation of the cyborg policeman.

Last night, an insider revealed: "It's a real change for Hugh. House [Laurie's character in House] was always a bit of a bastard but he was a nice guy underneath his abrasive exterior.

"This guy has no redeeming features whatsoever."

Joel Kinnaman — who appears in critically acclaimed drama The Killing — will take over the role of RoboCop.

Stunning Aussie beauty Abbie Cornish will play his wife and Gary Oldman will play the scientist who creates the metallic crime-fighter.

Hugh Laurie set to take on RoboCop on
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